Thursday, 19 September 2013

Spin The Wheel

Walt: to solve problems in statistics.

This is called spin the wheel. To play this game you have to spin the arrow and it will land on any colour. You can pick any colour on the wheel. The answer is red because the arrow is in the middle of two reds.  
Walt: to solve problems in statistics.

Friday, 13 September 2013


Cantik the Sumatran Tiger

Walt: write a report on the Sumatran tiger

On 28 August there was a Sumatran tiger
that was 21 years old. That tiger had died with cancer and the tigers name was Cantik. These tigers are only find in the wild.

The Sumatran tiger came from Australasia.
These Sumatran tiger endangered because there only 300 to 400 more Sumatran tiger
left.  Sumatran tiger they sort powerful legs. huge paws and a large jaw. The Sumatran tiger came from Australasia.

Tony, Williams

Walt: report on Tony, Williams

Tony Williams is an author in New Zealand.Tony was born in 1960.Tony is a comedian,poet,director and a film-maker.  He published 37  books. All of the  books were called murder,sport and war book. Tony,Williams first book was Fizz the wildest in the Universe (1996). Tony has been visiting about 500 school in New Zealand.His favourite subject is writing and reading.

3 question for Tony William

1. What university did you go to?
2. What got you started?
3. What was it like being a author?  

I'm spinning

If you play this game you have to make a tally chart and spinning the pin then you  started the game. There is a 50 50 chance of you getting green or red. It is fair because these 50 50 chance. Kelvin is the lucky one because his number is 7 and he got red 7 and 13 green.  It was even because half is red and half is green. 0.50  and 50% is another way of saying ½. We had to spin the pin 30 times or 20.